I'm with you, HOW are the holidays are HERE?? I'm simplifying this season for you! Returning clients, you know the deal so skip this part and book now

Beach Session

This is for you the sand and the sea is your happy place.

This is not for you if getting sand on your feet makes for some grumpy folks in your family!

My favorite location is RAT (Redondo) And Torrance beach for short) where the beach has a backdrop of Palos Verdes making you think you are in Italy. The parking to sand situation is very easy too....unless I just jinxed myself.

Forest Vibe

Think about the look and feel of your home. Think of your family portrait blown up 36x24 would that fit the vibe of your home?

Think neutrals and greens and more earthy feelings here.

My favorite part of the trail in Hermosa Beach is easy to get to and consistent with emptiness and consistent lighting from the large trees.

At Home Session

This is for you if you have anyone in your family that really doesn't want to do photos, so I come to you instead of you having to coordinate a bunch of things. Dress up or down or in PJs or screw the coordinate outfits altogether! Because of Covid, we will shoot in the front and the back and along the sidewalks.

This is your very best way to ease the fam into having a photographer around IMO!

Less stress because you won't be late.

You don't have to clean the house because I won't be inside!

Kids are in their element and relaxed ...so is Dad.

Just saying ;)

Play on the Beach with me... ready to book?

Forest Setting be like...I'll help you with your clothes, book now

Coming to your place...we play and tickle and hug a lot, book me!

Make it a family heirloom...you won't regret telling grandparents to join so let's gooo

Have a Special Location in Mind? Let's Go! I love to explore!


Q: How much do you charge?

A: For 2020 and in light of Covid, I am reducing my session fee of $250 to $100 .It is a non-refundable $100 session fee for our time together. After you see all of your images, you can select to purchase a la carte digital files for $35 per image. No minimum purchase. If you end up wanting 10 , I have specials for you that includes 20 images for $350 or all images for $495.

ex: I just need 3 images for the card: $100 + 3@$35 = $205

ex: I've narrowed it down to 20 ! $100 + $350 = $450

ex: Hmmmm I actually want 22 images - $100 + $350(20image package) + 2@$35 = $520

ex: Goodness! That was fun, I don't want to have to choose, I'll take them all: $100 +495= $595

Q: What do your packages come with?

A: You will get the digital JPG file for everything you purchase and a gorgeous printed 4x6 that I mail to you after final edits are done.

Q: What are your Covid precautions

A: I wear a N95 mask and stay back 6 ft. I give air hugs and direct you loud enough so you can hear me through my mask.

Q: Do you charge for travel?

A: No travel charge within the South Bay of Los Angeles where I live. I am offering 50% off travel fee because of Covid to most parts of OC and LA, so that is $50 instead of $100 travel fee.

Q: If there is another family in my area that books on the same day, can we share your travel fee?

A: Actually, I'll waive it! I appreciate referrals so much!

Q: Can you shoot my extended family as a mini session?

A: I wish! We will need more time! It all depends on the number of people and the number of family members that want their own "micro" session within the extended family session time. The holiday session is meant for 5 people, additional people are $45 per person. Typically you'll need more than 25 minutes for that!

Q: What do I wear?

A: I'll send you my portrait guide!

Q: My kids don't behave!

A: I'll send you my Best Practices for Kids of All Ages guide!

Q: Can I bring my dog?

A: Yes! The RAT beach location has a dog park above the sand, the dog may need to be left with someone because they can't be down there. The trail is dog friendly for sure!

Q: What is your cancellation policy?

A: I totally understand things like illness and work trips happen. You can reschedule within 6 months and your session fee is not lost, it will just rollover.

Q: How long will it take to get my photos?

A: From the time we meet, you will get the watermarked gallery for choosing your images within 3 days. Make your selections quick! The quicker you select then the quicker I can get them back to you. If you make your decision quickly (in 1-2 days), you'll get your final edited images within 7 days of our time together. Therefore, to take advantage of card sales on Minted or Shutterfly example for their card sales and their shipping times, set up an appt ASAP! If you shop Minted, I can upload directly into your account for you.

Debunking of myths you may be thinking...

*The thought about wearing matching outfits makes you want to barf. Good news, wear what you want! If you see my work, most are drawn to the coordinated color scheme, but that is not necessary!

*I have too much baby weight - That's awesome, your body grew a baby and your child is here to have photos of mama to cherish for years to come!

*My kids are not well behaved - Dude, I get it. That's where stickers, bubbles, candy (if you are ok with that) come in. Also, maybe a pre-shoot conversation about a post shoot treat comes in.

*My husband thinks an iPhone photo is just fine. I absolutely think iPhone photos definitely work too, I can't argue with the ease of that phone and not dealing with anything! But, keep reading why you may want to hire a photographer to get more than just one image that you can certainly get with a tripod and remote control.

* Why do I need to hire a professional? If you are the type that has been drawn to professional images like I do, I can tell you why I choose to hire someone for our yearly photos. This investment is something I prioritize and what I ask for as a gift - sometimes it is a Mother's Day gift, or bday gift depending on the year. I want someone who lives and breaths photojournalism, composition, can shoot in any lighting situation, how to flatter our bodies, and know how to direct me where to look and where to put my hands. People who have been doing this long enough will not only get the one shot everyone-looking-at-the-camera photo, but they should be able to bring out the joy in your family and give you candids with every combination of people in your family-- including a photo of the 2 parents (haha my favorite thing to do). They also could capture you with more patience (versus taking ONE shot and moving on), more poses and more frames and show you the back of the camera so you can make subtle changes in order for you to get the shot you love.

*My husband thinks it costs too much money. What I can speak to about this, is that you are paying for someone's ability to not simply press a button -- but years of experience with working with families, composition, posing, lighting and more than anything-- disarming everyone there to have a joyous experience. This investment in photos is not just for today, it will outlive you ( #morbid). There are few things to spend money that are going to be a treasure for generations to come. In fact, the value of your photos increase each year. I have never met a client that has said, "I regret getting photos taken by you."


Great! Fill this form out and let's get started!