Hi There,

Welcome to my new website. It is June 5th at 11:55am and I changed my website to move my business to a company that stands with me in social justice :)

This is my website - and I'll bring back more from my old website but know that is such a low priority than to be with you and listening and learning right now.

Take care my friend. Know that we were brought together to make a deeper impact for our children. I am a mama to 2 beautiful children, wife of 7 years, daughter to 6 other siblings, and auntie to 27 nieces and nephews. I am based in LA and I am multi-passionate mompreneur that believes we are all here to make impact and design a life we love. I am a lifestyle photographer telling stories of mothers and brands. I am the founder of Avenue Mama, and I have a podcast. Gah! Back to the kids, so more later!!


Annie Vovan

Ps. If you are a mom, I started Avenue Mama, a Community for Mompreneurs. See if it vibes with you! Web// Instagram