Hello There!

Welcome to a little piece of my world! I am Annie, named after being born the day after my parent's "anniversary" and I am a mama to 2 beautiful children, wife of 7 years, daughter to 6 other siblings, and auntie to 27 nieces and nephews. I am based in LA and I am multi-passionate mama with a business that believes we are all here to make impact and design a life we love. I am a lifestyle photographer, Founder of Avenue Mama, and started a podcast that weaves in motherhood, mindset and mompreneurship.

I left my 14 year as a Pharmacist once I became a mom. Yup, my world changed when we decided I needed a more flexible schedule and I had a little side hustle of photography throughout my career that grew into my full time jam. These days, my passion for helping moms find and START their dream business is through the roof! Therefore, outside of photography, I help moms start and/or grow their dream business. I know it sounds crazy, but it is the best thing that I can offer you.

I know exactly how it is to want beautiful photos as a busy parent with a husband who isn't all jazzed to be in photos and kids who are unpredictable. To that I say, BRING IT ON. I got you!


Annie Vovan

Ps. If you are a mom, I started Avenue Mama, a Community for Mompreneurs. See if it vibes with you! Web// Instagram

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