Malibu Engagement Session: Trailer Park Style! Featured on Green Wedding Shoes!
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Monday, September 10, 2012
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 To see the full submission of this feature, click here! My photos are the top row underneath the first photo ;)

Effortless photo design by Lovely Jubilee. Such different look and too many original details to count. 

A Save-the-date towel? Clever, cute, great job Jen Simpson! She does wonderfully clean and fun designs, check her out!

The picture on the left was on the Green Wedding Shoes feature, hooray!

Are you feeling how spoiled we were in the amazing vendors we had? See the list below. Wardrobe by Wilmarose of Lovely Jubilee. Fun fact! Wilmarose was our wedding coordinator. The woman has style seeping out of her pores. I sometimes get a little of it from her via osmosis.  


The above photo was featured in Green Wedding Shoes :)


The venue was at Saddleback ranch where there was a lot of event spaces and a huge winery, 65 acres huge. In the mornings we had class time and it was intimate enough such that we all shared our battle wounds and we all get to know each others vulnerabilities to say the least. In the afternoon, we were shuttled on a tight schedule back and forth  and were surprised and spoiled by these amazing photo shoot set ups. Skybox Event Productions did a stand up job in getting us where we needed to go and coordinated a powerful experience, plus the set up, goodies, and delish food we had. Another fun fact, Skybox owder, Ngoc Nguyen Lay was another person I had admired in the wedding industry and was excited to meet!We had our  6 degrees of separation discussion and realized we knew some mutual folks! It was was an added bonus to meet Ngoc and see her team in action! She just released an amazing book, Inspired Celebrations, and collaborated with Caroine for the photos in it... Dream team remember?

So  when I got to the set and saw the VW bus with the vineyard with the bicycle and props and was so delighted. Then I turned around and saw another vignette, a row boat and vintage camp set too with more gorgeous flowers and props. I was in heaven. 



Caroline Tran {Propel Workshop}  |  Event Coordination : SkyBox Event Production |  Photoshoot/Wardrobe Stylist:Lovely Jubilee | Floral Designer: Krista Jon

Venue: Saddleback Ranch | Rentals:Archive Vintage Rentals | Makeup Artist: Amy Clarke Makeup Artistry | For the full publication, cick here Green Wedding Shoes


I'd like to make a toast. A toast to some very, very, special photographers in my life that I feel very blessed to have met, learned from, and been inspired by. My heros.

My first toast goes to my first mentor, Aaron Delesie. For without you, I wouldn't have the courage and inspiration to start a business in photography. Thank you for being there for me in my oh-so painfully green and early days. From letting me borrow your gear, to your sage advice. You are a brilliant photographer and your work is breathtaking. Please, please, please continue to create gorgeous pieces of art for us to admire!

To Cheryl Muhr, the instructor of the first photography workshop I had ever been to years ago. After all these years, you are still the one who shared powerful  technical skills and introduced lighting and composition to my world. Your passion was contagious. Morever,  I can still hear you in my head when I question myself in this work . Like a tiny pop-up cheerleader that sits on my shoulder, you said photography can either "make your heart sing... or rob your soul". You said if anyone of us  ever got to the robbing-our-soul part, to pick up the phone and call you for intervention - good thing I haven't called! I admire how much of yourself you gave to us, and that you let us in to all the secrets of your success (sidenote: if you are on Twitter, Cheryl has my alltime favorite tweets.Her humor is drier than the desert+ overall hysterical and endearing). I thank you for giving us your heart in that workshop!

Last but not least, my current heroine,  Caroline Tran, for offering Propel, a powerful mentorship program.I felt incredibly lucky to have this opportunity, because your work is beautiful, effortless and flawless. I really don't know how you do it. And on top of that, chase your toddler and manage a phenomenal brand. I just couldn't sleep well the night before with all the anticipation of what I knew would be a remarkable experience. I am sure I had a huge question mark floating bubble over my head over the 2 days there. There were too many 'Aha!' moments to count and my brain was on overdrive taking it all in!  I thank you for taking the time and effort to nurture all our budding careers. Thank you for putting an amazing team together for us students. I was inspired from hearing you talk about your journey and your mistakes and then  share your journey into awesomeness. You didn't have to create such an amazing experience OUTSIDE of your strategic talks and tips... but you did. Thank you thank you. 

The photosession below is one of 3 different stylized photoshoots prepared for us during  Propel. Talk about a team of talented folks that came together and collaborated for this workshop, they were the dream team. We weren't given the green light to post anything until Caroline gathered our favorite shots and collectively sent them in for possible publication selection. I was hoping my lucky stars would pull through for me to have some of my photos selected, and my lucky stars did their job! I am so thrilled to be included in this publication from the stellar wedding blog, Green Wedding Shoes! Its such a great honor and I am so proud of my fellow propellers! Thanks Caroline for allowing us to tag along for the ride with Green Wedding Shoes, you really didn't have to do that. it just shows how nurturing you really are to our careers. I have never been published before, so  clearly, I was out of control and soooo happy.  

I cherished this opportunity so much. Its wonderful to now know a group of  enthusiastic photographers. We all have continued to  cheer each other on and virtually give  high fives along our journey together in this industry since then.  I can't wait to show the other 2 shoots once we get the green light again. For more information from Caroline Tran's point of view, click here for her blog!


Cheers {xo}


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Sandy - Beautiful photos Friend!! Always love reading your heartfelt words and seeing your work and artistry in action!! Congrats also on the publication!!
Propel sounds amazing!
Justin Parker - Really beautiful work Annie! And congratulations again on your marriage.