About Me

I pour my 100% of my heart into every client relationship, so if you are not the warm and fuzzy type, and only looking for a transaction, I am not your person.I've rewritten my bio section every time I have entered a new season of my life. Here it goes... July 20, 2017 entry:

My name is Annie Vovan, and I was born a day after my parents' "anniversary" hence my name Annie. Growing up, I was the "cry baby" of the house which used to feel like a weakness of mine, but now I see it as a strength. I guess you can say I've been  connected to my emotions and vulnerability from early on, and nowadays  I completely own it. This helps me connect with you on so many levels.  

Since becoming a mom almost 4 years ago, I feel like everything inside and outside of me has changed. My priorities changed, my goals, my friends changed, and what I crave has changed. And now I  also don't see life as chapters (as I once did), but more as seasons. In this season of my life, since my dad passed away this month, I am living life to the fullest. 

With all these changes, one thing about me has not changed, in fact, it has only grown stronger.  My passion to empower women, one photo at a time, even after 12 years in business is at an all-time high. Whether I am capturing a first time or seasoned mama, or a Girlboss, I am passionate about making a difference in how she sees herself. I want to remind her that she is so deserving of all of life's fruit, and, that she is  unstoppable. She is beautiful in all aspects of that word. I believe this in my heart and to my core. 

My strengths include making you feel 100% comfortable like an old friend you've known forever.  We will talk and laugh from start to finish.  My sessions are NOT  just about clicking a button on my camera, but ideally the start of a relationship to being with you, to capture the most  precious milestones in your life with your joy and love saturated in each photo. 

Feel free to check back on my bio section every few months because I promise to share my heart and season here, and I hope to meet your heart soon. 

I would love to chat 310-910-1508 or email me at annie@annievovan.com  and of see more Mommy & Me photos and Girlboss photos, self deprecating posts about motherhood,  and my life as a mama of two, let’s connect on Instagram !

Much love,