The idea of a  Just B.E. session that I love to do, was inspired by a personal experience in life when I was 34 years old. I was engaged, and I had secretly booked a boudoir (aka bedroom/sexy photoshoot) for my then fiance. Even though I personally hated to be in front of the camera, my friends who have had boudoir photos taken of themselves, nudged me to step out of my shell. The pictures were meant to be a gift for him.

A few weeks before the shoot, he called off the wedding, ended the relationship. 

There was no obvious need for me to go through with the photoshoot anymore.The last thing I felt was pretty or photogenic. However, there was something very moving and powerful about going get pampered myself and giving permission for me to “just be." I loved the experience, and I loved the photos. I want everyone to have photos that make you feel empowered and beautiful.

I have a passion in capturing beauty in others and helping them see it. Its now my turn to pay it forward. I invite you to Just. B.E. {Beautiful & Empowered} and celebrate yourself no matter where you are in your life! The time is now.

To book a Just B.E. Lifestyle session, email me - Sessions start at $450 
Hugs and Love,