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About Me

Being the youngest of 7 children, juuuust might explain why I am such an extrovert -- it was out of neccesity! I had to grow a voice and not just follow the paved road that was in front of me. I was raised by my 6 siblings and I saw my parents work endlessness to give us a good life.

With no money for toys, my childhood memories are filled with more impromptu variety shows than anything else. You see, my parents traded a comfortable life in Vietnam, in exchange for foodstamps, freedom and the American Dream. They were risk takers and dream chasers. And because we were refugees, I have literally less than ten photos of my childhood before the age of six, and as a photographer, I don't want this to happen to your family.

This is why I love preserving memories.

I am a taco lover and a Target enthusiast. My friends would say that I have champagne taste on a beer budget, and I love me a good bargain! And today, I chase the American Dream by being a business owner. I too, left a comfortable paycheck as a pharmacist. This is because once I became another, my world and my priorities, changed. Tell me, does this sound like you?

Now, document motherhood and girl bosses and I couldn't be happier. I found my road within the photography world, and celebrating women

I'm a mama of two and I've been in your shoes scouring the internet for a photographer that I can work easily with. I can assure you that I'm committed to making your experience with me fun and enjoyable, and I have crazy dance moves and songs to get anyone to crack a smile.

I would love to chat 310-910-1508 or email me at . To see more of my current work, self deprecating posts  and my life as a mama of two, let’s connect on Instagram